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News And Announcements

Additional Ways To Pay: Feb 17, 2019

When the built in payment methods do not work for you, it is possible to send me funds for upgrades and ad purchases using alternate methods as follows: Coinbase: Uphold: Transferwise: G-Pay: Zelle: CashApp: After sending the appropriate amount of funds as a personal transfer, you should go to the "Contact" tab and send proof of payment and description of what you are purchasing to the admin. Your payment will be verified and order processed by the admin as soon as possible and you will receive a confirmation.

CoinPayments Now Enabled For Purchases Oct 15, 2018

Make Your Purchases with Coinpayments. Now accepting: BTC - Bitcoin ($5 minimum) LTC - Litecoin CPS - CPS Coin BCH - Bitcoin Cash DOGE - Dogecoin ETH - Ether

Bot Detector Fully Enabled Oct 08, 2018

Beware the blank red link in the PTC section. This is the bot detector and if you click it, your earnings will be flagged and set to zero.

Ad Grid Now Enabled Sep 27, 2018

We are pleased to announce that our Ad Grid feature is now enabled. Win money, buy an ad. Enjoy!

Traffic Exchange Enhanced Sep 26, 2018

• Reward Zone GameThis site offers the Reward Zone Game in our traffic exchange program. The more ads you click, the better chances you have of winning some nice free stuff. • X-Stage Rewards ProgramThis site offers a reward program for clicking ads in our traffic exchange program. Rewards are offered for both total number of clicks and daily amount of clicks within the traffic exchange program.

Withdrawal Guidelines Sep 26, 2018

When you are able to request a withdrawal, you need to be sure you have some ads of some kind running and have them active with credits. Otherwise, your request may be denied. Sometimes the admin will help you with this by placing ads in your account. If you do not wish those ads, just delete them and place your own ads.

Monthly Purchase Contest! Get Multiple Entries. Sep 19, 2018

Each Month, 3 entry(s) will be randomly chosen. The member(s) who own the drawn entry(s) will receive as follows 1st Place : $2.00 Cash 2nd Place : $1.50 Cash 3rd Place : $1.00 Cash At the end of the Month when the winners are drawn, all tickets will be removed so every member starts with 0 Entrys at the beginning of each Month. How To Earn A Entry: For Each Purchase You Will Get 11 Entry(s)

Daily Click Special Sep 17, 2018

Click 75 % of the ads and receive the Daily Click Bonus. Bonus Includes the following: * Traffic Exchange Credits 500 * F. Ad Credits 500 * F. Banner Credits 1000 * Cash 0.01

Make Sure You Are Getting Our Admin Emails. Sep 17, 2018

We send out important site news and updates using the admin mailer. You might need to check for this in the spam area of your email and mark it as not spam.